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Welcome to Mangelsen's... Everything That Inspires!

Welcome to Mangelsen's

Being a locally-owned, family run store is a source of pride at Mangelsen’s.  David Mangelsen and his three children, Marla, David A. & Matt, work together with some amazing team members every day to provide an unforgettable shopping experience.  

Mangelsen's offers the community a family oriented place to shop for fun and sometimes, unusual items. Discover something new in our many departments including Crafts, Art Supplies, Home Decor, Candles, A Year Round Christmas Shop, Giftware, Wedding, Fabrics, Gourmet Foods, The Prop Room (Halloween), and Party Goods. We also offer custom services in our Floral, Framing and Party Goods departments.

For over 50 years, we have had the opportunity to provide a service to nurture bonding time within Omaha families. From hosting family events to selling crafting supplies - we thank you for letting us into your world! We look forward to serving you soon and while you're here be sure to enjoy a bag of our famous popcorn! 

P.S. We love to show off our new products - check out the great displays and sample projects next time you’re in the store. If you have a question - just ask - we’d love to help. We are passionate about our store and our customers.


Store Hours:

Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm


Mangelsen's History:

1961: Store opens as a Ben Franklin in Westgate Plaza by Harold and Berenice Mangelsen along with their four sons Bill, Thomas, David and Hal.

1964: Papio Creek floods the store. Determination and dedication by the Mangelsen family and their employees keeps the store open. 

1971: Store changes name to HW Mangelsen & Sons

1973: Public hearing on removal of "That Awful Tunnel". Mangelsen's adopts the slogan "Mangelsen's Unique"

1974: Harold Mangelsen creates the advertising campaign "Just North Of That Awful Tunnel" to become part of Omaha history.

1976: Mangelsen's celebrates the Bi-Centennial of The United States

1976: Harold Mangelsen is the last person to drive through the "That Awful Tunnel" on 84th Street before it's torn down.

1977: "Just North Of The Delightful Detour" campaign is born.

1977: Mangelsen's 1st annual Witches Tea is held in the parking lot.

1978: Thomas D. Mangelsen opens the first of many Mangelsen®—Images of Nature Galleries

1979: Mangelsen's "Closet" opens with the selection of Halloween supplies, novelty items and practical jokes.

1985: Christmas Traditions year round Christmas room opens at the "Makin's" store, Mangelsen's second location.

1986: Mangelsen's celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

1986: Mangelsen's "Closet" becomes "The Prop Room"

1991: Mangelsen's expands to it's current size of 37,000 square feet filled to the brim with fun merchandise.

1993: David takes sole ownership of the store and the name changes to David M. Mangelsen's. 

1995: Mangelsen's Fun Club program is born. Making it among one of the first rewards programs in the Omaha area. 

1998: The FarmHouse Cafe & Bakery opens next door to Mangelsen's.

2005: Mangelsen's holds its 1st annual Big Art Event for current and budding artists. 

2011: Mangelsen's celebrates the 50th Anniversary with a  free concert and family fun day including a free Barbeque feast. 

2014:  David's three children, Marla, David A. and Matt continue Mangelsen's legacy by taking on the day to day leadership of the store. David M meanwhile enjoys coming in and "playing store". 

2014: The first Manghoulsen's Halloween store opens on 72nd and Dodge street during the month of October. 

2015: Mangelsen's celebrates the Fun Club Rewards Program 20th Anniversary. The program is updated to be more streamlined and user friendly in the modern age. 

2016: Mangelsen's celebrates it's 55th anniversary.

2017: The 40th annual Witches Tea is held in the parking lot for hundreds of children and families.