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Monday, September 25th
6:00PM - 8:30PM

Judi offers a cake carving class. You will carve a 3-D pumpkin-shaped cake, cover it in fondant. You have the option to decorate your pumpkin for a Fall birthday or a Jack-o-lantern or even Thanksgiving. You must be familiar with fondant to take this intermediate class.

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Teacher:    Judi Smith     

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: or 402-291-3453

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class to ensure the class starts on time. All registered students receive a 15% discount on all regular priced items for the duration of the class (certain exclusions apply.) Please present your PAID Class registration sheet to use the student discount.

Supplies for CARVED 3-D PUMPKIN CAKE CLASS :  Please bring the following items with you to class along with your ClassPAIDReceipt:

    • Pound or firm cake (3-8x2” layers) that have been chilled- bring in foil to keep cool. The cake needs to be this tall so we can shape it into the pumpkin

    • Please level 2 of the cakes before you bring them so they stack easily. These cakes need to be firm textured like pound cake mix or pudding in the mix types

    • 4lbs. Fondant-48 oz. (3lbs.) orange, then, small amounts- brown (for stem/cone), green, red and yellow/black for Jack-o-lantern, if desired

    • Large fondant rolling pin or similar to roll out fondant

    • Small fondant rolling pin for detail work

    • Large mat-Something big enough to work on-20-22” at least

    • 1-2 12” skewers to stabilize cake layers

    • Piping Gel and brush to attach fondant to cake

    • Three 12" boards,covered and One 8” board

    • 12” box to take home cake

    • Carving knife-serrated- like long bread knife

    • Spatulas to frost and also to help with fondant leaves. Angled is best.

    • White Icing to pre-frost-medium/soft consistency

    • Bone tool for indenting or similar-can even use a cake skewer

    • Ice cream cone for stem-flat bottomed type

    • Spray colors-green/brown/red and my airbrush

    • Turntable - helps when decorating

    • Maple Leaf cutter

Items from your kitchen:  

  • Dusting puff : 2 Tbsp. each corn starch & powdered sugar in an old clean sock(anklet type) (I use a clean pair of Knee-high nylons-put one inside the other for strength works-Wal-Mart); make at home

  • Apron

  • Pizza cutter or similar to cut designs if doing Jack-o-lantern design

  • Plastic wrap

  • Powdered sugar-for fondant covering

  • Handiwipe/damp paper towels in gallon plastic Ziplock bag

  • Plastic food storage bags

  • Paper towels

  • Round toothpicks

  • White Crisco- ¼- ½ c. in a closed container

  • Scissors

  • Ruler


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