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Costume and Theatrical Makeup

Whether you’re looking for theatrical makeup to stage a play or musical, or looking for some realistic costume makeup for your awesome Halloween costume, Mangelsen’s is your first stop for the best in costume and theatrical makeup!

Mangelsen’s carries professional-grade, high quality theatrical and costume makeup from the best brands in the business. We carry a full selection of stage makeup, including personal theatrical sets for education and professional purposes like those from Ben Nye that are based on skin tone. Need special effects or custom prosthetics? We have you covered--from Cinema Secrets to FX Blood and more!

Full selection of facial costume and theatrical makeup

Mangelsen’s carries an extensive selection of Mehron makeup--from liquid makeup, student kits, full-coverage bases, lashes, to even the Celebre line of cream-based makeup. Mangelsen’s also carries brands like Snazaroo, Wolfe Face Art & FX, FX Blood & FX Gel, and more!

Must-haves for a successful makeup application

Our makeup professionals at Mangelsen's recommend these must-haves to make your makeup look the most real and last throughout the performance or night!

  • Mehron Barrier Spray: This miracle spray is a multi-purpose product. Spritz on your face before makeup application to prevent sweating. After your makeup is complete, spray it on top to set your makeup!

  • Cinema Secrets FX Blood: For a realistic blood effect, this thin yet tacky faux blood does the trick. Looks like recently exposed blood!

  • Cinema Secrets FX Blood Gel: Coagulated blood is possible with this product. Blood remains tacky and has the "dried blood" look.

  • Ben Nye Spirit Gum: When you need a little facial hair in a hurry! Apply Spirit Gum and allow to get tacky before applying your faux fur.

  • Mehron 3 - D Gel: This fun product will create believable skin abrasions.

  • Ben Nye Final Seal: Protect your hard work with this final spray. Spritz over powder makeup, creme makeup, or prosthetics for a finish that will last for hours.