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Halloween Costumes and the Prop Room

Featured Products

Woochie latex appliances

Woochie Prosthetics

Webcaster Gun

Webcaster Gun

Mehron Make-Up

Theatrical Make-Up

Assorted Fangs

Assorted Fangs

Leg Avenue Hosiery

Leg Avenue Hosiery

Assorted Wigs

Assorted Wigs

Halloween Masks, Masks and More Masks!

Collector Masks
  • Over 200 full-head adult style masks
  • 30 specifically in children's sizes
Suppliers Zagone, Ghoulish Productions, Fun World, Forum, Rubies and many more. Styles Star Wars, horror movie villains

Extras Scares!


Ghouls, Goblins, Skeletons, Skeleton Heads, Spiders, Bugs, Rats, Snakes, Animated Assortment


Black and Red Polyester Robes in adult (56") and children's (27") sizes, Quality Vampires, Horror Robes, King's Robes, Floor length Masquerade, hooded and reversible

Gloves – Suspenders – Bow ties

Various colors and lengths


Wide variety and price range


  • Eyelashes
  • Hair Spray
  • Moustaches and Beards
  • Tattoos
  • Tattoo shirts and sleeves
  • Asst Makeup
  • Glowsticks
  • Black Lights
  • Strobe Lights
  • Fog Machines
  • Fog Liquid
  • Lightbulbs (variety of colors)
  • Gags
  • Cauldrons

Famous Halloween Brands & Products

Cinema Secrets

Woochie Prosthetic pieces

  • Scars
  • Faces
  • Ears
  • Noses
  • Horns
  • Bald Caps

Woochie Blood

  • Blood Gel, asst. sizes
  • Blood, asst. sizes
  • Make-up sets
  • Latex
  • Spirit Gum and remover

Stage Fright

  • Prosthetic pieces
  • Scars
  • Faces
  • Ears

Boneyard FX Faces

  • Prosthetic pieces

Tinsley Transfers

Vampire Bites, Lil' Horns, Cutter, Shanked, Capped, Cut Throat, Engraved, Gouged, Point Blank, Smiley, Aaarrgh

Leg Avenue

  • Crinolines
  • Corsets
  • Ruffled panties/ Lacy panties
  • Mini hats
  • Shoes
  • Socks – various colors, sizes and styles
  • Tights
  • Thigh Highs
  • Anklets


  • Unique Costumes
  • Quality Hats
  • Underwraps


  • Specialty Costumes

Eye Masks

  • Masks
  • Plain White (suitable for decorating)
  • Colored
  • Solid
  • Feathered
  • Jewels
  • Masquerade
  • Harlequin


Top Hats, Derbies, Crowns, Tiaras, Sombreros, Fedoras, Viking, Berets, Beanies, Clown

Glitter and Glitz in various styles


  • Ben Nye
  • Stage Makeup (colors & body tones)
  • Nose and Scar Wax
  • Pencils & Liners
  • Clown Colors
  • Kits
  • Mehron
  • Water and Grease base in various colors
  • Cream Blend Sticks
  • FX, Color Cups
  • Liquid and solid color, skin tones
  • Clown makeup and noses
  • Metallic Powder – Gold & Silver
  • Barrier Spray, Rigid Collodion, Makeup remover
  • Lipstick and matching glitter nail polish
  • Tooth effects, bald wigs
  • Sponges, pencils
  • Makeup Kits

Dental Distortions

  • Monster Teeth


  • Dracula Teeth
  • Fantasy Fangs

Sun Star

  • Spiders – small to gigantic
  • Ghouls, skulls, witches, monsters


Chain Saws, Swords, Gangster guns, Battle axes, Pitchforks, Bloody axes, Hammers, Sickles, Special Forces Rifle, Wrenches, Cleavers, Daggers, Ninja tridents, Machetes, Armor sets, Medieval weapons, Jason Voorhees Costume, Mask and machete sets, axe, Freddy Kruger Sweater, Hat, Glove, Chainsaw Massacre Mask and Apron, Jailbird costume


  • Santa Suits
  • Mrs. Claus Outfits
  • Santa Hats in Velvet, Royal, Regency and many more
  • Santa Eyebrows
  • Bonnets
  • Aprons
  • Boot Cuffs
  • Bell Straps (2)
  • Elf Shoes in Red, Gold, Silver
  • Stockings in many colors
  • Moving Santa Hats

Halloween Costume Accessories

Animal noses

Bear, Black cat, Bunny, Chicken, Cow, Donkey, Duck, Elephant, Monkey, Pig


Wings – black and white, halo – black and white, Wigs, Eyelashes, Necklace, Harp, Choker, Wand, Earrings


Bottles, Diapers, Rattles, Diaper pins, Bootie Shoe Covers (All in Pink and Blue)


Wings, Thigh high stocking, Socks, Tights, Purse, Nails, Antenna, Bopper Antenna, Eyelashes

Lady Bug

Wings, Thigh High Stockings, Purse, Nails, Antenna, Gloves, Eyelashes


Ears, Whiskers, Tails, Nails, Fingerless Gloves, Spotted Gloves


Noses, Makeup, Horns, Wigs, Big Glasses, Big Scissors, Squirting Flowers, Bald Wigs, Circus Sweetie Ruffled Gloves, Big Bow Headband, Scrunchies, Lollipop Wig and Fishnet Pantyhose. Gloves, Suspenders, Air Horn.


Bandanas, Dog Tags. Grenades, Medals, Camo Shirt, Camo Pants

Cowboy & Cowgirl

Hats, Bandanas, Badges, Guns, Holsters, Spurs, Whips. Ties


Glitter Tail, Gloves, Hot Devil Tail, Hot Devil Garter, Club Wings, Studded Wrist Band, Flame Tights, Eyelashes, Glitter Devil Horn, Studded Flame Chocker


Earrings, Sashes, Asp Armbands, Headbands, Turbans, Robes, Asp Necklaces


Glitter Bra, Necklaces, Hair kits, Vests, Gold Medallion, Necklace w/Disco, Necklace – gold, Disco Dancing Earrings, Loops, Disco Ball Bracelets

Eighties/Neon/Hip Hop

Earrings, Necklaces, Tee Shirt Clips, Hair Extensions, Neon Belts, Headbands, Ankle Socks, Tights, Fingerless Gloves, Suspenders, Leg Warmers, Mesh Top, Mesh Shirt, Inflatable Boom Box, Inflatable Guitar, Rings, Gold Tooth, Eyelashes, Necklaces, Headbands


Wings, Tights, Eyelashes, Hair Clips, Hair Combs, Headbands, Wands (all items in seasonal colors)


Poodle Socks, Poodle Skirts, Poodle Scarves, Nerd Glasses, Rhinestone Glasses, Jewelry Sets, Charm Bracelets, Narrow Ties, Men's Jackets


Gloves, Flapper Beads, Gun, Holster Garter w/Gun, Flapper Handbag, Cigarette Holder, Fake Cigarettes, Headbands w/Plume, Gangster Tie, Zoot Suit, Garter/Armband sets, Gangster Gun, Flapper Dress, Flapper Hats, Zoot Suit Chain, Phony Money, Gangster Spats, Earrings and Necklace sets, Shirt Front w/Tie, Hats

French Maid

Ruffled Panties, Lace Panties, Feather Dusters, Nails, Garters, Gloves, Kit FrozenWigs, Shoes, Tiara, Wand

Harry Potter

Robes, Glasses, Scarf, Wand, Hedwig the Owl


Leis, Grass Skirts, Shirts (Leis, Shell bracelets and necklaces, and other accessories available in Party Goods)


Headbands – Plain and Beaded, Tie-die Bandanas, Peace Beads, Earrings and Medallions, Tunic Shirts, Bangle Bracelets, Button sets, Hippie Kit – 4 pc., Tank top, Hippie Makeup Kit, Vests - Male & Female

Medical – Doctor/Nurse

Lab Coat, Surgeon Kit, Thermometer, Blood Bag, Bloody Bandages

Nurse Earrings, Chokers, Hat, Stethoscope,

Doctor Reflector, Kits (2), Stethoscope

Michael Jackson

Glasses, Sparkle Socks, Lighted and Plain Gloves, Jacket

Native American

Shirts, Pants, Tomahawk, Spears, Quiver, Bow/arrow through head, Necklace, Choker, Bracelet


Headgear, Eye Patches, Earrings, Flags, Swords, Guns, Pants, Shirts, Hooks, Skeleton keys, Rings, Tattoo Sleeves, Sashes, Parrot



Glasses, Jumbo Marshal's Badge, Regular Badge, Detective Badge, Ball and Chain, Billy Club, Handcuffs, Police Detective Kit, Police Officer's Kit, Detective Leg Holster

Women's (Hottie)

Badge, Earrings, Handcuffs, Garter, Utility Belt, Hat, Whistle, Glasses, Gloves, Garter Holster w/Goy Gun, Pink Gloves, Pink Handcuffs


Shields, Swords, Leg Guards, Tunics


Steampunk Skirt, Steampunk Vicki, Steampunk Jack, Pocket Watch Necklace, Wing Earring, Red Lace Gloves, Black Goggles, Monocle, Long Brown Gloves, Leather & Lace Choker, Leathergears Bracelet, Pocket Watch, Revolver, Space Gun, Burgundy Wig,

Studded Look

Wristband, Choker, Handcuff Belt, Non-piercing Clip-on Jewelry, Studded Gloves, Studded Rings SWAT Shirt, Pants, Hats, Weapon, Shield Knee, Elbow & Chest Pads


Lady in Blood costume, Blood drop jewels, eyelashes, medallions, Wigs, Thigh high stockings, Nails, Teeth, Blood, Nail polish/lipstick combo, Neck and hand jewelry, Cape, Skirt, Corset, Giant Winged Cape


Canes – Black & White, Pipe, Corset, Shrug, Earrings, Gloves, Hats, Eyelashes, Ruffled & Lacey Panties, Tuxedo, Imitation Fur Stole


Teeth, Mask, Crepe Hair, Gloves, Chest Hair, Werewolf Kit, Claws, Hand covering, Hairy Chest, Nails


Gloves, Black witch hat, Witch knee socks, Broomsticks, Shoe Covers, Green Makeup, Dress, Fabric Witch Hat, Earrings, Black Cream Lipstick, Black Nail Polish, Capelet, Potion bag, Eyelashes, Black Tooth Wax, Witch Nose and Chin

Wizard of Oz

Toto, Scarecrow Straw, Ruby Slipper Shoe Covers, Lion's Badge of Courage, Tin Man's Heart


Chest Wound, Dirt, Blood Spray, Scars, Maggots, Hands, Intestines, Glasses, Severed

Arm, Zombie Eye, Zombie Nail/Lipstick, Knife thru Head, Jacket, Makeup Kit, Tattoos. Nails, Zombie Rock Star Costume