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5 Tips For Creating A Fall Floral Arrangement

  1. Pick out a container (or bring in one from your home). For a traditional floral arrangement, we suggest using a clear glass vase or a metal container in fall hues. If you are looking for a bit more whimsical, try a tray, basket, a pumpkin or even a witches’ hat.
  2. Select floral to fit your style. We have beautiful silk floral along with some preserved plants as well. Popular selections in autumn are Sunflowers, seed pods, cat tails, fall leaves, berries and preserved eucalyptus.

When creating an arrangement, remember you want to select floral that work well together. Floral that has a pleasing color contrast and a variety of texture.


  1. First, create the structure of the arrangement by framing in an asymmetrical shape with a high point in back or the center.Donna suggests framing your structure with the focal point flowers or your largest booms.
    For an eye pleasing design, design using the triangle theory. Place three of the same flower at different heights creating a triangle. Continue this approach around the entire arrangement.

2. Next, you can start filling in the holes with your secondary blooms, berries, baby’s breath, cat tails, etc. You’ll also want to vary the length of these stems to add dimension to the arrangement. If you like, you can also add stems that cascade over the edge of the pot.

3. Lastly, add extra greenery if you like to fill out the arrangement. We suggest doing this step last to avoid adding too much greenery to the pot. This ensures your flower arrangement focuses on the blooms, not the filler.