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A good day to be a butterfly


  • Galvanized Metal Container
  • "Today would be a good day to be a butterfly"  Vinyl
  • Dry Floral Foam
  • Assorted Floral filling
  • Solar/battery powered "flying" butterfly
  • Butterfly pics
  • Score tape
  • Scissors
  • AAA battery



  1. Apply vinyl to metal container, peel off backing
  2. Insert floral foam into metal container
  3. Put together solar/battery powered butterfly (instructions are in the butterfly box)
  4. Insert bottom of butterfly stake into the floral foam, make sure it is in securly (the butterfly "flies" so it may loosen if not secured
  5. Take one or two of the butterflies attatched to the picks and cut the wings away from the body
  6. Using the score tape, attatch the wings to the front and back of the solar butterfly
  7. Insert top of the butterfly stake into the base of the stake
  8. Fill the rest of the metal container with the floral filling and leftover butterfly pics
  9. Turn on and enjoy!