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Americana Clipboard Frame


-12"x9" Clipboard
- 12"x12" Self Adhesive Cork Board
- Flowers & Embellishments
- Washi Tape
- Ribbon or Self-Adhesive Canvas Ribbon Strips
- Small Clothespins
- Pre-made Scrapbook Borders
- Scissors or Craft Knife
- Ruler
- Fabric Tac


1. First, trim the cork board to 9"x 11.5" using a straight edge and craft knife.
2. Decorate the very top of the cork board by adhering a piece of ribbon or canvas ribbon strip next to the edge.
3. Remove paper from the back of the cork board and adhere to the clipboard. Using scissors, round the corners of the cork board to match the shape of the clipboard.
4. Next, adhere a strip of washi tape to the top of the clipboard to start decorating. Use a craft knife to trim the tape from around the metal clip.
5. Add a second strip of ribbon or canvas ribbon strips to below the washi tape. Use a craft knife to trim the ribbon from around the metal clip.
6. Adhere washi tape of your choice to the tops of the small clothespins to decorate them. Flip the clothespins and trim the excess tape using a craft knife.
7. Next, use Fabric Tac to adhere the clothespins to the clipboards.
8. Lastly, add other embellishments such as flowers to complete the look.
9. Add your favorite photos and enjoy!