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Baby Girl Cuddle Quilt

45” x 60” Quilt
Pattern provided by


8 - 5 1/2 x 30” strips of Cuddle Soft
9” for 2 1/2” border
5/8 yard for outside border
1/4 yard for binding
1 1/4 yard for backing
45” x 60” batting


This quick and easy option is based on the sew and flip technique. You will be sewing through the back, batting and the strip so when you are finished sewing you are finished
Using a spray adhesive fuse the back and batting together. Be sure all of the edges are secure. Trim off all the extra batting so the edges are even.
Mark the batting as shown in Diagram A. These lines show where the center rows start and stop.
Arrange the 8 - 30” strips in the color order you prefer.Be sure that you have the nap all going the same direction. Place the fourth strip in the center section of the quilt with the top of the strip touching the center horizontal line. The outside edges should touch the vertical lines. Fuse that strip in place with the spray adhesive.
Start sewing on the strips, place one on each side of the fused strip. After you have sewn on on each side, spread the quilt out on the floor and fuse down the last sew strips. This makes it much easier to sew your next strip. Be careful to start and stop on the lines.
After you have sewn all eight strips sew a narrow border stip (2 1/2”) on the top and bottom of that center section.
Trim the strips so that the edges are all aligned with your start and stop  line. Sew one narrow border strip on each side, covering all of the cut edges of the center strips.
Sew the 5 1/2” borders on the top and bottom and then the sides. Fuse them down as you go. After fusing the last border down, use your rotary cutter and square up your quilt.