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Basic Hoodie Costume


- 1 yard of fabric – felt or fleece (for older children or adults 1 ½ - 2 yards)
- Scissors
- Sewing machine
- Existing jacket to trace for sizing
- Chalk or marker
- Additional small felt squares various colors for animal identification
- Spray mount or hot glue gun


Draw out pattern

1. Fold fabric in half and lay jacket on top. Line bottom of jacket up with bottom of fabric.
2. Loosely trace around jacket with chalk. Make sleeves larger or more curved like wings depending on what animal you are making. You may also need to widen bottom to make putting it on easier. *Do not trace hood*.
3. Fold hood along back seam so it lays flat. Align the folded side to the middle of the opening for the head and trace.
4. Next, flip and trace the other side.
5. Cut along lines. When cutting hood portion, only cut out of one piece of fabric, not both. On other piece of fabric just cut straight across (or slightly swooped).
6. Sew pieces together. When approaching hood, be careful not to sew across head opening. Fold hood so the hole faces front direction.
7. Arms can be sewn completely shut and holes for hands can be added if needed.
8. Turn inside out and check how it fits. Adjust if needed for comfort.
9. *For older children remove hood and make a mask instead.*

Decorating costume

Parrot and Owl – Use feather shapes in assorted colors on wings and make a back tail feather. Add large eyes on the hood.

Fox – make bushy tail. Add little ears on hood and wear a little black nose. Slim arms down as well.

Shark – Add teeth along hood and a back fin.

Lady Bug or Bee– add antenna and spots/stripes.

Horse – use yarn on hood for a mane and make a small tail.