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Basic Photo Transfer


Lazer printed or photocopied image
Surface - Wood, Canvas, Etc
Gel Medium - Liquitex or Golden Brand
Brushes - Foam, Bristle or Synthetic
Water & Rags
UV Acrylic Spray
OPTIONAL: Simple photo editing program; Bone Folder or Credit Card
Mod Podge


1. Select the image you would like to use and print onto thin copy paper. Since we are laying the image face down to transfer, you may want to reverse the image first in a photo editing program.
2. Using a brush, apply a generous coat of gel medium onto the face of your printed photo.
3. Lay your photo face down onto your selected surface. In this example, we used an 8”x8” wood panel. Smooth out using a bone folder or a credit card to eliminate air bubbles. Wipe off any excess gel medium that may seep out. Allow to dry for 8 hours.
4. Now it’s time to remove the paper. Take a wet rag and lay over the top to moisten the paper. Once the paper is saturated, carefully begin to remove the paper by rubbing with the rag or your fingers. You may need to allow the paper to dry to see what paper fibers are left. Continue the process of moistening the paper and rubbing off the fibers until only the image remains. Allow to dry
5. Protect the image by applying an even coat of UV spray.
You can also use Mod Modge to seal the image.