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Beauty and the Beast Lighted Cloche


  • Glass Cloche
  • 2 silk roses
  • Warm white firefly lights
  • Tale as old as time vinyl
  • AA batteries
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Scissors
  • Wire Clippers



  1. Cut half of the stem of first rose off
  2. Bend remaining stem and rose to fit into the cloche bowl
  3. Hot glue bent stem to the wooden base of cloche (this may take a full stick of glue)
  4. Place firefly light battery pack on top of cooled glue
  5. Cut petals off of the second rose and glue together
  6. Place petals over battery pack to cover pack
  7. Apply "Tale as old as time" vinyl to the outside of cloche glass
  8. Wind firefly lights around rose and inside the cloche glass
  9. Turn on lights
  10. Enjoy!