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Bubble Costume


- T-Shirt – (we used a white XL)
- Balloons – white and silver (approx. 20-30 total)
- Safety pins
- Duct tape – any color to make your bubble wand
- 2-3 ft. of card board
- 2ft. Wooden dowel
- Box cutter or craft knife
- Marker


To make bubble wand

1. Cut cardboard into (1) – 12" circle (2) – 10" circles using box cutter or craft knife.
2. Cut out centers on 10" and 12" – approx. 6-8" circles.
3. Cut out 3"x24" rectangle for handle.
4. Use 24" dowel to stabilize handle. Wrap handle and circles in duct tape – use marker to make line details on wand.
5. Hot glue circles onto handle.
6. Hot glue wand (or duct tape and cover with balloons) to back of shirt.

To make bubbles
1. Fill balloons various sizes.
2. Safety pin balloons to t-shirt. It is best to pin balloons on the person wearing the costume.