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Butter Mints - An Alternative To Cream Cheese Mints


• 3 ¾ Cup Powdered Sugar • ¼ c. Melted Margarine/Butter
• ¼ - ½ teaspoon LorAnn Flavoring Oil

• 2 ½ -3 Tbsp. Evaporated Milk • Americolor or Wilton Food Coloring

Combine in bowl: 3 ¾ c. powdered sugar,
¼ c. melted margarine/butter, ¼ - ½ tsp. LorAnn oil  flavoring and color desired. Mix with fork until all is moist. Add 2 ½ -3 Tbsp. evaporated milk. Mix with hand until workable. Don’t get too moist. Place on side in small amount of granulated sugar.

Press sugar side in mold, unmold at once.

Preparing Rubber Molds Before First Use

New rubber molds, or molds that have been out of use for a long time, should be boiled about 10-15 minutes in a mild solution of baking soda (1/4lb to gallon of water). Scrub with a semi-stiff brush and rinse thoroughly with clear cold water.
Apply a thin coat of glycerin with a brush when first using new molds if the mints are sticking. This is not necessary after the molds have been in use.
In production (after candy has been removed from the mold) the process of washing is simple. Place the mold in warm water until sugar dissolves, rinse in clear water…then turn upside down on a rack to dry. Store away from direct sunlight or bright lights. In some lines, delivery of casts may be facilitated by filling molds while slightly damp or putting them into a freezer to firm them up. They should be cool before refilling.
If you detect a bitter taste when making hard candies or jellies with new molds, it may be necessary to throw the first piece away.
This will not be necessary once the molds are broken in.