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Button Toggle Loom Band Bracelet


- Loom Bands
- Any buttons with shank
- Box with two nails


1. Create a box with two nails.
2. Follow instructions for creating fish tail braid pattern.
3. When you get the measurement needed for the bracelet you’re now ready to add on the button closure.
4. Push a stretch band through the shank on the back of the button.
5. Place band with button on nails with button facing away from you. Move the bottom band off the nails, as you would do when creating the fish tail bracelet. This also locks the button in place.
6. Pull the two bands remaining from only 1 of the nails.
7. Carefully pull the bands over the button. Make sure that the bands still sitting on the other nail do not come off.
8. Pull bands off of second nail stretch them over the button. You are basically crossing the bands on either side of the button to the other side, “locking” the button and bracelet in place; it won’t come undone.
9. Take the two bands that are at the other end of the bracelet and wrap over the button. You won’t even have to open or close the bracelet again, just roll over your wrist.