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Candy Bag Costume


- ½ yard felt
- Assorted colors of 8"x11" felt sheets - approx. 3 to 5 pieces
- Mylar or tissue paper for candy pieces
- Batting or cotton balls
- Curling ribbon/yarn for candy ties
- Hot glue gun
- Safety pins


1. Measure and cut felt on the fold to fit over wearers head with a generous neckline as this is where the candy will go.
2. Sew up the sides with a machine or use yarn to lace up sides leaving plenty of room for arms.
3. Cut bottom to desired length in a zigzag pattern. Use left over felt to
affix a pocket to neckline with hot glue for candy.
4. At this point, you can either decorate the front with words, jack-o-latern’s, faces, ghosts, etc. or just leave blank.
5. Cut various size felt rectangles out, fold in half, glue and decorate to make candy (Reeses, Twix, Skittles bags, Starburst, etc.)
6. Use mylar/tissue paper squares to make old fashioned candy.
Make candy by stuffing, rolling, tying with ribbon – get creative!
7. Place candy in pouch or safety pin to the top.
8. Last but not least, try not to get gobbled!