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Caring For Air Plants

Air plants are a fun and fairly easy plant to keep alive. Here are some helpful tips to help you with the care of your new plants.
Quick info about these type of plants:
> Air plants survive by soaking up the needed nutrients and light through their leaves.
> Air plants will rot if exposed to wet soil or water for long periods of time.
> Air plants prefer bright, indirect light from the sun. Direct sunlight will cause them to dry out quickly.
> The root system is for the plant to be able to hold onto rocks and trees out in nature. You often see these type of plants in rainforests and are also known as epiphytes.
Follow these steps when you get home:
>Soak your plants for 20 - 60 minutes in water that is room temperature. This will help them with the move to a new home.
> Air plants LOVE water from the pond, creek, well or even rain water. You can use tap water, but it often has chemicals in it that the plants do not appreciate. You can also use bottled spring water.
> Once you have soaked the plants, remove them and lightly shake them to remove extra water. Next, you'll want to let them dry completely by laying them upside down or on their sides on top of a towel. Generally it takes one to two hours for them to completely dry. Now, you can place them into a display, such as a hanging glass ball or terrarium.
> Once a week, soak your plant for 30 minutes in water. You may also spritz them with water three times a week if it's easier. If you notice the leaves curling, your plant is due for a soak. If you live in a dry area, you may need to soak once a week and also spritz the plant.
> You may cut ugly roots off the plant and trim off brown leaves.

Enjoy your new plant!