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Chalk Fabric Pennant Banner


• Scissors
• Sharpie
• Rigid Board - Cardboard or Matboard
• Chalk Cloth
• White Cotton Fabric
• Heat n' Bond
• Accu-Cut Machine or similiar die-cut machine
• Ribbon or Jute Twine
• Black Thread
• Sewing Needle
• Spray Adhesive

• Clothespins


1. To create a rigid mangelsens-pennant-template - trace the desired size onto a rigid board using a sharpie. Cut out the board using a craft knife.
2. Once your master template is created, trace the pennant on the backside of the chalk fabric using a sharpie. Repeat until you have the desired number of pendants.
3. Using your scissors, cut the pennant shapes out of your chalk fabric.
4. Next, you'll need to cut out the letters of the word you would like on the pendant. First, iron the Heat n' Bond to the back of the cotton fabric to stiffen the fabric slightly. This will help prevent the fabric from buckling in the Accucut Machine.
5. Run the cotton fabric through the Accu-Cut Machine until you have the correct number of letters.
6. Next use the spray adhesive on the back of your letters and adhere to the chalk pendants. Allow to dry.
7. To finish the banner, you'll need to attach the finished pennants to the ribbon or jute. You may do so by clipping the pennants with colored clothespins for a quick option. For more of a permanent banner, fold the top of your pennants over the ribbon and sew a straight stitch through the fabric to secure.
8. Enjoy!