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Craft-Time Button Clock


- Unfinished Clock Item# NHY/9
- Large assortment of buttons of all shapes and colors.
- 12 larger buttons close in shape and color for numbers
- E-6000


1. Start in the middle and start glueing buttons on with E-6000.
2. Work your way to the outside glueing in no particular order.
3. Make sure to eye out the spots of where you're going to be putting your 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 etc.
( Those should be in a different, larger, more eye catching button or object above the rest so they don't get lost)
4. Glue the time spots in place.
5. Keep glueing buttons around them until you get to the edge.
6. Let Dry.
7. Put a battery in the back and you are done!
8. Enjoy!