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Deco Mesh Easter Egg


• One Oval Deco Mesh Frame
• One Roll of Deco Mesh – 25” x 10 yards

• Deco Mesh Ribbon
• Colored Styro Balls
• Floral Stems


1. Using an oval work frame, twist the ties around the wire frame on both longer sides. You will only need to use ties on the short ends.

Diagram 1: Easter Egg Deco mesh Wreath

2. Start at one set of the ties on left side of oval and secure gathered deco mesh. Next Pull mesh towards right side set of ties pulling mesh tight. Secure using the first set of ties.

Diagram 2-3: Deco Mesh Easter Egg

3. Next, twist the mesh and pull towards the left side of the egg. Once again secure the mesh with a tie. Continue this
motion from side to side until all the ties have been used and the basic shape has been created.

4. Then straighten and fluff the deco mesh so there are no holes to see through. Fold the ties under the egg, so that they can no longer be seen from the front.

Diagram 4: Deco Mesh Easter Egg Wreath

5. Add your desired embellishments such as ribbon, floral pieces, and styro balls.