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Deco Mesh Pumpkin


  • 21" wide roll of orange metallic deco poly mesh
  • 20" work wreath
  • 4" wide moss/lime metallic mesh ribbon
  • Green tinsel garland
  • Scissors


  1. Start with the wire wreath form. There are 10 ties on the outer ring of the form. Imagine the round form is a clock. Start in the 2 O'clock position. Gather the end of the orange deco mesh and place it in this tie. Twist the ties together to secure the mesh in place. Tuck the cut end of the deco mesh into the center of the form to hide.
  2. Move down the deco mesh approximately 1 foot and gather a section in your hand. Gather from each side to achieve fullness. Skip the side tie 3 O'clock position. Attach the gathered section into the 4 O'clock wire tie. Adjust and puff the mesh as you go.
  3. Gather a section of orange mesh approx. 1.5 ft down the roll. Adjust your length as needed to get the fullness you want on the pumpkin. Twist this gathered section into the wire tie at the top. Remember you are moving across the wire form from top to bottom right to left. Adjust and fluff sideways to make pumpkin shape.
  4. Continue across the wreath form, up and down between wire ties. Adjust the length of mesh as needed to make the pumpkin fuller in the middle. Once you reach the other side, attach the mesh into the last wire tie. Tuck the remaining end piece into the back form to hide.
  5. Use the tinsel garland to tie the stem on the top of the pumpkin. Add additional 4" ribbon to the top for fullness. Fluff the pumpkin out and you are done!