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Deco Mesh Reindeer


- 1 Deco Mesh Reindeer Kit
Kit Includes;
- One tinsel ball for nose
- 2 Yards of red mesh ribbon
- One bell
- Set of wiggly eyes
- 2 Black chenille stems
- 1 Red chenille stem
- One roll of chocolate tinsel

Additional supplies needed;
- One roll of burlap mesh 10x21
- One small deco mesh form


1. Take deco mesh form and cut off center ring twigs and one on each side of the ring making sure you have 4 sets of twigs on top and bottom of form.
2. Take burlap deco mesh and measure out 5 yards. Take the burlap and start on the side of the form attaching with the first set of twigs then pull over and attach with next set of twig continue by pulling burlap back down to the starting point and attaching with only one again and bring back down and attach the second twig from the set and back up to other and continue this making you pull burlap tight until you get to last sets of twig and finish off like you started on the other side. Now hide end or cut off any extra.
3. Make antlers out of chocolate tinsel: cut two 12inch, 9inch and 6inch pieces. Take and twist together at the ends and form to look like antlers bending back and forth. Then attach to middle to the top of the head on the form.
4. Make small loop bow out of the red ribbon with 3 loops on each side then secure with red  chenille stem and before securing completely put one end of the chenille stem through the bell to hang from bow and secure completely, then attach to the bottom for the head on the form.
5. Position nose and hot glue in place.
6. Take black chenille stem and fold in half four times and cut to make 8 short pieces and hot glue to top of wiggly eye and bend forward to make eyelashes (repeat with the other to make 2nd eye and hot glue in position.)