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Deco Mesh Turkey


- 1 Deco Mesh Turkey Kit
- Kit Includes;
- 12in Styrofoam circle
- 4 yards brown satin ribbon 1 1/2  inches wide
- 1 Piece brown felt for turkey body
- 1 piece of yellow felt for turkey beak
- 1 piece red felt for turkey wattle
- 12in circle of burlap mesh
- 8 pieces of 12inx21in mesh in four colors (2pc
- 8 floral pins
- 2ft piece of jute for legs


1. Take ribbon and wrap around Styrofoam ring, barely overlap, secure with hot glue.
2. Take brown mesh circle and glue on top of circle to cover center.
3. Cut two little holes at bottom to string jute in for legs and tie knots at ends.
4. Take brown piece of felt and glue assemble turkey with all part on big end of body and glue in place on ring.
5. Take pieces pre-cut mesh 12x21 and take one corner on opposite side and pull then fold in half and ping in middle of the roll of ring on the top to make turkey feathers, then secure with hot glue so pins do not pop out.

Now you have your own deco mesh turkey!!! Gobble gobble!