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Deco Mesh Witch


One Round Deco Mesh Wreath Form
One Roll Of Deco Mesh - 25”x10 yards
Witch Table Legs
Witch Hat
Coordinating Ribbon, 2 yards
Various picks or flowers
Spider Chenille Stem
Hot Glue Gun


1. To begin, gather the end of the Deco Mesh in your hand. Starting on the inside row of the wreath form, twist one set of ties around the Deco Mesh to secure it to the wreath.
2. Next, measure approximately 12” of Deco Mesh and gather it between your fingers and secure to the wreath using the next tie. Continue around the inner ring of the wreath form until all ties are used. Fan out the mesh as you go.
3. Without cutting the mesh, skip to the outside ring of the wreath. Continue to gather and secure the Deco Mesh around the outside ring as you did on step 2 until all the ties have been used. If you need to, you may cut off excess mesh and tuck the tail end to the inside of the wreath to hide it.
4.  Stuff legs with tissue paper or plastic bags.  Attach legs to wreath form using ribbons from legs.
5.  Decorate hat with ribbon.  Hot glue picks/embellishments to ribbon or hat.
6.  Attach witch hat to wreath form with chenille stem.