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DIY Push-Pin Board

DIY Push-Pin Board directions:


  • SPC burlap push-pin board, we have two frame types to choose from.
  • Fat quarter, there is a wide selection in our fabric department.
  • Scoring tape
  • Brads, for the actual push pins,  I used Tim Holtz mini roses, Elements in pink roses and green brads
  • E6000
  • Scissors
  • Clip on Butterflies
  • Flat round push-pins


  1. Use your scissors to cut your fabric into an 11" x 11" square
  2. Run your score tape along the inside edges of your frame
  3. Place your fabric in the center of your frame, lining the edges of your fabric up with the inside edges of the frame
  4. Apply pressure to the edges of your fabric to make sure that it is firmly adhered to the frame.  Push any extra fabric under the edges of your frame.
  5. Use the E6000 to glue flower and brad tops to the tops of the push-pins.  Let dry overnight

Helpful Hints:

The fabric on this board can be changed with every holiday or season. And push-pins can be made out of any kind of brad or embellishment.

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