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Embroidery Hoop Burlap Bunny


2 embroidery hoops - we used 6” & 7”
1/3 yard burlap- more if your hoop is larger than 12 inches
Fabric scraps for Bunny’s Neck Ribbon
Flowers for base of Bunny’s ears
Glue gun
Electrical tape
Cream or white yarn for pom pom


1. Tape your hoops together.  (used electrical tape because it gives a little) Tape them with the tightening screws facing out so you can get your burlap in.
2. Start with the bottom hoop. Just add burlap in the hoop like you normally would.  Make sure your fabric is taut.
3. Add burlap to the top hoop in the same manner
4. Trim your edges and hot glue the frayed burlap to the hoop. Cut a 6-8 inch rectangle from the remaining burlap.  Cut down the center about half way and then shape to look like ears. Pull the bottom edges together and bunch up to make bunny ears and attach them to the hoop.
5.  Make a pom pom out of the yarn for the tail.  Attach using hot glue.
6.  Add your embellishments and you are all done. I added flowers for the ears & a matching neck bow.