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Fabric Pinwheel


- Fabric - 2 x 7" perfect square per pinwheel
{we used 2 different and coordinating fabrics for each pinwheel}
- Heat & Bond
- Pinking Shears (or you could use regular scissors)
- Cute Button/Embellishment for center
- Wooden sticks/skewers
- Hot Glue Gun


- Cut perfect squares of fabric - we used pinking shears
- Using Heat & Bond, fuse two coordinating fabrics back to back
- Cut from each corner almost to the center of the square (we recommend leaving about 3/4" in the center of the square)
- Fold one corner to the center and glue with a dot of hot glue.
- Do the same with all the corners
- Affix a cute button or embellishment in the center
- Attach to a wooden stick or skewer with hot glue
- Repeat


Pinwheel pattern