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Fabulous Foil Stars


  • Metal sheet roll, in silver, copper, or gold
  • Hot glue gun
  • 4" white snowflake (we used #1619-61 by Darice)
  • Mini colored ornament ball (we used #2463-163 by Darice)
  • Fiskars "paper crimper"
  • Metallic mini garland
  • Metal hole punch (optional)


  1. Cut a strip of foil about 4" high by 26" long. On the top 3" inches of the strip, cut triangle points like a crown.
  2. Put the foil through the Fiskars paper crimper.
  3. Accordian fold the foil in the center of each triangle and each section in between.  When you have folded that strip all the way down, stretch out and use hot glue to attach the two ends, overlapping only slightly.
  4. When the glue dries, push down in the center to form the tin star.  At this time you can re-shape the points of the star.  Hold down with your hand and fill the adjoining sections on the back side with hot glue.  Hold until glue sets.
  5. Turn over star and place a snowflake on the front, attach with hot glue.
  6. Cut a 5-6" piece of the metallic mini garland.  Wrap this around your finger to form a small wreath.  Hot glue to center of snowflake and glue a colored mini ornament to center of wreath.
  7. If desired, you can punch a hole into tin for hanging.