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Family Recipe Box


- Wood Recipe Box
- Acrylic Paint
- Echo Park Paper: Made From Scratch (3 sheets (A, B & C) and “Our Family Recipe”
- Mod Podge Adhesive
- Foam Brush


1. Using your choice of acrylic paint and a foam brush, paint the recipe box.
Allow to dry.
 2. Trim the Echo Park paper to the following sizes and adhere to the indicated places on the recipe box with light coats of Mod Podge. Allow to dry in between coats.
   -One piece (A) to 2.75x6.5” - adhere to the front of the bottom portion
  - One piece (A) to  1.5x6.5” - adhere to the front of the top portion
   -One piece to (A) 3.75x6.5” - adhere to the back of the bottom portion
   -one piece to (B) 3.5x6.5 - adhere to the top of the recipe box
 3. For the angled sides, you can trace the shape of the box on the backside of your desired paper (C). Trim the shape slightly smaller than your pencil marks so that it fits properly on the box. (see second picture for view of side and back of box.)  Adhere with Mod Podge and allow to dry
 4. Adhere “Our Family Recipes” to the front of the box as shown and allow to dry.
Optional:   Embellish with stickers if you would like