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Fantastic Mr. Fox Mask


- 9x12 marigold felt
- 9x12 light grey felt
- 9x12 dark grey felt
- 9x12 maroon felt
- Elastic
- Fabritac
- Scissors
- Pattern mangelsens-fox-mask-pattern


1. Take maroon felt and fold it in half. Take the mask pattern and place it on felt. Trace and cut out.
2. Next, use the fox cheek pattern; trace and cut out using light grey felt.
3. Take the inner ear pattern; trace and cut out using marigold felt.
4. Glue your two inner ear felt pieces to the mask.
5. Cut out two little holes (where the cheek felt pieces will cover up). Take the elastic and thread it through the holes. Tie a knot on the front of the mask (cheek felt pieces will cover this up).
6. Glue the light grey cheek felt pieces down on mask.
7. Cut out little dots out of the dark grey felt for his nose and spots on cheeks. Glue them down.