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Floating Frame


• Floating Frame
• Vinyl Saying
• Acrylic Paint (to paint frame if desired)
• Foam Brush
• Paper or Burlap (to put on the back of glass if desired)
• Paper (to decoupage on the frame if desired)
• Mod Podge
• Foam Brush


1. Decorating the frame: Paint the frame with acrylic paint if desired. To decoupage on the frame cut or tear paper into pieces, then use the Mod Podge as a glue and as a sealer to adhere the paper pieces to the frame. Let dry.
2. Applying paper or burlap to the back of the frame: Cut paper or burlap to fit the back of the frame (cut it a little larger than the glass). Glue the paper or burlap to the back of the frame around the edges.
3. Applying the vinyl to the front of the frame: Take the backer card off the vinyl (make sure the vinyl stays attached to the front paper). Place the vinyl onto the glass and rub it onto the glass. Peel off the front paper.
4. Add any embellishments to the front as desired.