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Fondant Cookie Icing

For a pourable, glaze consistency...
10 parts 'CK' Dry Fondant Mix for every 1 part water
{2 1/2 cups dry fondant + 1/4 cup water will ice approx 3 dozen 3" cookies}

For decorating consistency...
12 parts 'CK' Dry Fondant Mix for evey 1 part water
{3 cups dry fondant + 1/4 cup water will make decorate less than 3 dozen 3" cookies}

Color or flavor as desired - adjusting consistency as needed.  A little almond flavoring or vanilla extract is very good, or use your own favorite flavor. Just stir by hand until no lumps remain.

To ice the cookies - you should make it thin, but not so thin that it readily runs off the cookie.

To decorate the cookies - put icing in a decorating bag with a #2 tip for drawing lines, details, etc.

This icing is like that used on petite fours. It will crust, so that you can stack your cookies. But it won't get rock hard like royal icing. This icing (as opposed to royal icing) is very tasty!

Dry fondant is simply another sugar.  It is not 'granulated,' not 'brown,' but 'fondant' sugar. It will keep like any other sugar.