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Gnome Costume


- ½ yard of brown felt (used to make size 5-6 child’s vest)
- Scissors
- Sewing machine or fabric glue
- T-shirt (for measuring purposes)
- Old boots
- Black duct tape
- Fun Fur
- Red felt


Brown Vest
1. Fold felt into quarters. Fold shirt in half, lay on top of felt with folded edge of shirt and felt together.
2. Cut shape of shirt – cut armholes instead of sleeves – make armhole nice and roomy.
3. Unfold – cut down front fold and cut front neck line into a v – shape.
4. Sew seams together or glue.

Gnome Hat
1. Measure childs head and add at least 1/2” for seam. (This amount will determine how much red felt is needed for project.)
2. Take ruler and angle from bottom edge to make a cone shape.
3. Sew seam and turn right side out.

Gnome Beard
1. Measure child’s face from one ear - under the chin - to the other ear.
2. Trim your piece of fun fur to fit the measurements of child’s face.
3. Trim bottom edge of fun fur to look like a beard.
4. Sew elastic on each side so it fits across top of child’s head.
5. Trim to your liking.

Gnome Boots
5. Cover old boots using black duct tape. Use 5-8” pieces for best
results. Covering older boots in duct tape will create a rugged boot look