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Hello! chalk/noteboard

Pastel Chalk/Note Board Directions:


  • Mini Wooden Pallet
  • Wooden "Hello" cutout
  • Mini Chalkboard
  • Assorted Paints, We used Americana in Lilac, Boysenberry pink, and Peaches 'n cream. Americana multi surface satin Deep Turquoise.  Americana gloss enamels in Glorious Gold
  • Sponge Brushes
  • E6000


  1. Paint "Hello" cutout and chalkboard border with Glorious Gold, let dry
  2. Paint Pallet slats with the Americana colors, let dry
  3. Once the cutout, chalkboard, and pallet are dry, Glue them to the pallet using E6000
  4. Enjoy!

Helpful hints:

You can pick any colors that you like.  We have a wide variety in our crafting department. We also have many wooden cutouts to choose  from.  You can customize this craft any way that you like!

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