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Husker Ribbon & Deco Mesh Wreath


- 3 colors of Deco Mesh ribbon (5 Yards of each color)
- 12” wire wreath frame
- Pipe cleaners for tying bows
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Optional Decorations:
- 3” wooden letters
- Design Master spray paint - red
- Glitter, diamond trim
- Printed Ribbon


1. Spray paint wooden letters and allow to dry.
2. Next, create your bows using approximately 1 yard for each bow.
    Each bow should have a total of 4 loops - 2 on each side.
3.  Secure the deco mesh bows using pipe cleaners.
4.  Repeat this step with each color of deco mesh.
5. Attach the bows to the wreath frame using the pipe cleaners.
   Be sure to alternate colors as you progess.
6. Next, add any additional bling to the wooden letters such as
   glitter or diamond trim.
7. Once letters are dry, hot glue the letters onto the wreath.