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Inked Galvanized Metal Containers

Galvanized Metal Container Supplies:

  • Galvanized Metal Container(s) of your choice.
  • Adirondack alcohol ink, I used Wild Plum, Sailboat, and Mermaid
  • Ranger's mini Ink blending tool
  • Removable and re positional chalkboard labels
  • Chalk
  • Rubber Gloves (if you would rather not dye your hands!)


  1. Dribble the alcohol ink onto the lid of your first metal container, use the mini ink blending tool to smooth and even the ink out or to make a splattered effect.  Repeat this for all containers.
  2. Let the containers dry for about 15 to 20 minutes
  3. Apply the chalkboard labels, if you don't like the appearance they are removable so you can always change them.
  4. Use your chalk to label your containers

    Helpful Hints:

    Make sure you cover the surface that you are using for this project. Alcohol ink will dye just about anything and will not come off.  We have a large selection of alcohol inks in our craft department you can pick and choose any color combination.