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Jingle Bells Loom Band Bracelet


- Crochet hook
- Loom Band Christmas Mix - red and green bands
- Craft Bells 50 pc. 3/8 inch Metallic Mix
- DMC Gold Needles Tapestry Size 22
- DMC Embroidery Floss or sewing thread in coordinating color


1. Follow directions for creating a basic loom band bracelet. Place clasp on end of bracelet and put aside.

2. Run needle and thread through jingle bell. Pick up a stretch band and insert needle back through the hole of the bell. Pull on the two ends of thread to pull the stretch bands through the loop. Remove needle and thread. Repeat for all jingle bells. Consider rotating colors of bells as you go. Almost all of the bells were used for the sample shown, but you can use as many as you’d like. The more there are, the fuller the bracelet will be.

3. Adding the bells to the bracelet can be done one of two ways: You can pick up the bell with stretch band and place the two loops together. Stretch the loops to create a larger circle and place onto the bracelet. Move down the bracelet. Repeat until all discs are on bracelet. Or, add on multiple discs at a time is to place both loops of each band with bells onto a crotchet hook or knitting needle. Place the last loop of the bracelet onto the hook or needle and then move the loops and discs over the bracelet loop and onto the bracelet. Hold onto the end of the bracelet and move the discs down the bracelet. Repeat until all discs are on the bracelet.