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Ladies Peacock Costume


- Spray adhesive
- Black felt
- Low temperature hot glue gun
- Glue sticks
- Black swirl fat quarter of fabric
- White mask
- 1 yard black satin ribbon ¼ inch wide
- Peacock stem
- 3 Peacock feather stems with 7 eyes
- Black card stock
- 3 1 ¼" Pin backs
- Elastic - 1" wide 43" length (to fit size 18)
- 2 Rolls of black tulle

- 2 Rolls of gold glitter tulle
- 2 Rolls of aqua/turquoise tulle


Assembling mask
1. Measure your fabric to fit to mask. After you measure and trace
fabric, cut fabric to have a little hanging room on edges.
2. Spray adhesive all over front of mask. Place fabric over mask and smooth over any bubbles.
3. Cut a "T" in the eye holes and pull fabric through to back side pulling fabric down tight and glue down using hot glue gun.
4. Trim extra fabric off leaving about ½ inch to glue around on back side using small dots of hot glue.
5. Glue ribbon to back corners for tie back.
6. Glue 3 peacock feathers to the top point of mask. Lay out so middle feather is taller than the two feathers on the outside.
7. Pull apart peacock stems. Glue loop sword feather behind peacock. Use lower feather to fill in back.
8. To finish off mask, cut felt to cover back.

Assembling Tulle Skirt
1.Begin by cutting 1" wide x 43" length elastic to fit size 18 waist.
2. Using three coordinating colors of tulle, cut them into varying lenths
between 24" and 36"
3. Fold the 24" to 36" tulle in half & place fold over elastic.
4. Pull ends of tulle through the loop of the tulle. Repeat with alternating colors.

Assembling tail feather
1. Cut feathers off stem and place in semi-circle.
2. Cut out 2 small semi-circles using black felt.
3. Glue feathers with eyes up to one of your semi circles of felt using hot glue gun.
4. Glue your second piece of felt on top of feathers covering any stems.
5. On the backside, glue down 1 pin on the top and 2 on the sides in order to secure to shirt or tank top.