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Love, Laugh, Live Blocks


• Unfinished Wood Blocks
• Unfinished Wood Candlesticks
• Cream & Black Acrylic Paint (or color choice)
• Cream Patterned Paper (or paper of choice)
• "Live, Laugh, Love Vinyl (or vinyl of choice)
• Burlap Ribbon
• Pearl Dots
• Tim Holtz Metal Embellishments
• Tim Holtz Metal Feet
• E-6000 Glue
• Mod Podge
• Foam Brush
• X-Acto Knife


1. Paint the wood blocks cream and the candle sticks back. (or whatever colors you choose)
2. Let Dry.
3. Using your foam brush, cover one side of block with an even layer of Mod Podge and place your paper on top smoothing out all the air bubbles.
4. Let dry completely.
5.  When dry take your X-Acto knife (must be sharp) and cut around all edges of the block. Repeat this step with all blocks. You can also cover the back sides.
6. Apply Vinyl. (remove back layer, smooth on, remove front layer.)
7. With E-6000 apply ribbon, burlap, embellishments and metal feet. To create a burlap flower, glue end in a large circle then coil and glue inward and cut the ribbon when you get to the center and glue an embellishment or button in the center.
8. Use E-6000 and glue the blocks onto the candlesticks and let dry.