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Memory Wire Skull Bracelet


-Memory Wire Shears
-Round Nose Pliers
-Bead Tray or Mat to hold the beads while stringing
-3 Large Skull Beads
-1 Tube - 6/0 Royal Tangerine Beads
-1 Tube - 6/0 Opaque Black Beads
-1 pkg - Memory Wire (oval or round)


  1. Start the bracelet by curling the end of the memory wire so that the tip of the wire is touching itself with the Round Nose Pliers; the memory wire is stiff so it might take a little muscle to get it to curl.
  2. String 25 orange/black beads. Add 1 large skull and 74 orange/black beads.
  3. Add second large skull and 74 orange/black beads and third large skull. Add 25 orange/black beads to complete the bracelet.
  4. Finish the bracelet by using Round Nose pliers to curl the end of the wire toward itself.


- Memory Wire End Caps
- Bead Fix-It Adhesive, E-6000, or Hypo Cement

For a more polished look, you can glue end caps on the end of the wire instead of using the Round Nose Pliers method. End caps look like beads but they have a single hole in them.