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Mummy Costume


- Old t – shirt and pants
- 7 -14 yards cheese cloth
- Family pack of tea
- Hot glue


1. Tea stain cheese cloths to desired hue. The grungier the better. – let this dry.

How to tea stain – different teas will create different hue and tones. Standard black teas will give a soft brown or cream color to your fabric and some herbal teas leave more of a red tone. Bring water to boil and then add tea bags. A good rule of thumb is one tea bag per each cup of water used. Turn off heat once water starts to boil. Let tea steep for about 5 minutes then remove tea bags from the water and add your fabric. Stir fabric to be sure that the tea dye is getting between all the folds, let it sit and soak in. After about 5 minutes check … keep in mind fabric will turn a shade lighter once dried. Check every 3-5 minutes until you reach a desired color.

2. With dry cheese cloths, measure and cut strips to wrap around the leg of the pants, body of the t-shirt, and the arms. Works best if you cut width wise as opposed to length wise as you will have more cheese cloth to use in texturing.
3. Glue cheese cloths to pants and t-shirt.
4. Cut ragged strips from extra left over cheese cloths and start wrapping, leaving bits to hang here and there. Hot glue bits as you go. Make sure to save pieces for the head arms and shoes.
5. Try on and make adjustments as needed.