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Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath


• One 12” Metal Wreath Ring
• One Package of 4” Blue Deco Mesh Ribbon
• One Package of 4” Red and White Stripe Deco Mesh Ribbon
• One Package of Blue Chenille Stems
• One Package of White Chenille Stems
• One Package of Stars
• Glue Gun and Glue sticks
• Scissors and Wire Cutters


1. Take 3 blue chenille stems and 6 white chenille stems and fold in half and cut with wire cutters.

2. Start with the red/white striped Deco Mesh ribbon and make a bow with 2 loops on each side (should measure a width of 7” from side to side. Secure the center of the bows with white chenille stems. Make 9 identical bows.

3. Next, use the blue Deco Mesh ribbon and the blue chenille stems to create 6 blue bows.

Assembling The Wreath:

4. Starting with a blue bow, attach it to the metal wreath in section A by twisting the bow’s chenille stem around the center two wires.

Wreath Form Illustration

5.  Attach 3 blue bows in section A, and another 3 blue bows in section B.

6. Next take the red/white bows and put 3 bows each in sections C, D, and E.

7. Fluff out bows to fill in the gaps, so the metal work wreath is not visible.

8. Take glue guns and dab a little glue on the loops of the blue bows and place star on the glue, scatter stars on the blue loops.
If you want larger wreath, you will just need to increase you ribbon and chenille stems and make bows bigger for larger wreath rings.