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Personalized Loom Band Bracelet


- Loom Bands
- Crotchet Hook
- Alpha Beads (black or multi-color)


1. Follow instructions for creating basic stretch band bracelet using crochet hook. Basic steps are shown here
2. Determine how many letters will be needed for the bracelet. You want to try and center it as much as possible, but it’s okay if it’s not exactly centered.
3. To add the first letter bead, push stretch band through the hole in the bead. Tip: prepare the letter beads with the bands before starting the bracelet.
4. Looking at the letter, add the loop that is to the left of the letter onto the hook.
5. Put your finger through the other loop to hold the bead on. Pull bands already on hook through the band with the bead on it. Fold over the other end of the band with the bead on it to the hook.
6. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for all the letters. It is important to make sure the beads are all added on the same way (adding the loop to the left of the bead on first) so that the letters will all be in the right direction (and not upside down!).
7. After adding the letters, continue adding on stretch bands until the desired length is achieved. Add a loom band clasp.
8. To make a fuller looking bracelet, use two bands at a time and with the alphabet beads, the 7mm beads have a larger hole to allow to bands to be pushed through.