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Pillowcase Pattern


- Pillowcase Body: 3/4 yard of your favorite fabric cut to 26” x 42”
- Pillowcase Lip: 1/8 yard of your favorite fabric cut to 1.5” x 42”
- Pillowcase Header:  1/3 yard of your favorite fabric cut to 11” x 42”


  1. Pillowcase Lip: Fold your cut fabric (wrong sides) in half lenghthwise so it is 1.5" x 21". Press
  2. Layer the following along the 42" length:
    - Pillowcase body, right side up
    - Lip, folded and pressed
    - Pillowcase header, right side down.

    pillowcase pattern step 1 Pillowcase pattern step 2 illustration


  3. Stitch along the long edge of the fabric using a 1/4" seam.
  4. Flip the header up away from the body. Roll the body up to the lip, and fold the header back down and around the body so that you can align the right side of the second long edge of the header with the raw edges of the layers previously sewn. The pillowcase body will be all “scrunched up” inside the header.
    pillowcase pattern step 3 & 4 Pillowcase illustration for step 3 & 4


  5. Sew along the previous stitching line, forming a tube of fabric. Reach inside the tube, pull out the body, turning the tube right side out. Press the header up away from the body.
  6. Fold the entire pillowcase in half, right sides out and align the side and end raw edges. Sew across these two sides using a 1/4” seam.
  7. Turn the pillowcase inside out - the wrong side is now on the outside. Press the two edges so that you have a nice sharp side and end.
  8. Resew along these two edges using close to a 1/2” seam, so that the raw edges are encased in this new seam. (French seams)
    Turn pillowcase right side out, press and enjoy.
pillowcase pattern step 8 pillowcase pattern step 8