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Pinata Costume


- Pair of slacks
- Top
- Cap
- Beacon Brand Fabri-Tac
- Poster Board or Small paper party hat
- Scotch Tape
- Glue gun
- Glue sticks
- Felt rectangles
(4) Royal Blue
(3) Orange
(4) Turquoise
(3) Lavender
(3) Red
(3) Yellow
(3) Neon Lime
-Patterns mangelsens-pinata-costume-pattern


1.Wash, dry, and iron smooth a pair of slacks and top.
2. Plan your color scheme for your project. We went with Royal Blue – Orange – Turquoise – Lavender – Red – Yellow – Neon Lime.
3. Using felt pieces cut into (3) pieces measuring 3"x12". Fringe each felt piece leaving 1" at the top.

Assembling Slacks

1. Begin gluing on fringe at the BOTTOM of your slacks so bottom fringe piece is even with the bottom of your slacks. Note:You will need to fit each piece as you go.
2. Layer your next piece to cover the 1" solid piece at the top of your felt.
3. Continue to layer fringe pieces upward.
4. Once you get to the top of your slacks, stretch waist band as you glue on your felt piece in order for slacks to still fit.

Assembling the Top

1. Begin at front bottom of t-shirt – Begin strips at different places. (Do this in order for costume to appear seamless.)
2. Note: Top pieces will be assembled at top of t-shirt and sleeves in fragements – clip and piece to look good.

Assembling cap

1. Roll paper into cone and use hot glue gun to secure.
2. Cover cone with felt pieces using Fabri-Tac.
3. Clip tabs on bottom of ears as pattern suggests and glue to hat.
4. Begin covering the bill of cap with 3 solid strips (do not cut these pieces into fringes) – follow pattern of costume strip colors. We used orange, turquoise, and lavender. Cover both the bottom and the top of your bill.
5. Cover base of hat in a 1" solid strip.
6. We then took our neon lime, cut fringe pieces leaving 1" at top. We then fit pieces around cap until completely covered.

Allow your costume to dry completely and voila!