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Pizza! Handmade Costume


- 1 can of spray mount/hot glue
- Straight edge ruler
- Poly-fil
- 1 yard of tan felt
- 9x12 Felt rectangles
2 sheets – black
2 sheets – white
1 sheet – green
2 sheets – yellow
2 sheets – red


1. Start with large tan felt piece. Measure 8" from top and make a mark on each side.
2. Fold in half the long way and mark center.
3. Keep felt folded in half; using a straight edge ruler, draw a line from corner to center of bottom. This will create your triangle/pizza shape.
4. Cut along drawn lines including the 8" space measured above. (Set this piece aside for pizza crust.)
5. Sew along top edge leaving an 8-10 inch hole in the middle for your head.
6. With 8" piece draw slight scallops (3 on top and 3 on bottom) to create your crust.
7. Cut out and sew together leaving one end open.
8. Turn inside out and fill with poly-fil (or extra fabric pieces) and sew end shut.
9. Glue crust to top of pizza shape. (Before attaching try pinning and trying on to make sure you will be comfortable.)
10. Cut out red circles for pepperoni; cut out circles with no center for black olive; cut out small green squares for green peppers; cut out yellow mushroom shapes; cut out small strips of white for cheese.
11. Glue down all over tan felt in various places to create your pizza.
12. Pizza is served!