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Princess Tutu


• 2 Spools of Tulle 6" wide. (1 or 2 colors)
• Elastic 1 1/2" Wide
• 1 Spool of Sheer Ribbon 3/8"
• 1  Bag of Small Bells
• Needle and Thread


1. Begin by cutting 20" lengths of Tulle in two different colors. (for a longer tutu measure the length you would like the tutu to be from the waist down and add 3 inches for wrapping around the elastic.
2. Measure the waist of the child you are creating the tutu for and add 2 inches and stitch closed.
3. Cut lengths of ribbon measuring 20" long.
4.Tie bells on to each end of the ribbon.
5. Fold a length of tulle in half and wrap around elastic pulling ends though the loop until snug.
6. Repeat around the elastic, mixing in the ribbons with bells until you achieved your desired look.