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Punk Rocker Costume


- 3 to 10 different duck tapes with funky patterns
- 6" Wide tulle (5 different colors)
- Plastic sheet for armbands
- Headband
- Oversized tank top or t-shirt


Assembling top

1. Cover your shirt in 2"-6" assorted pieces of duct tape. Make sure they overlap in any way you like front and back.
2. Cut tulle into 1 yard strips about 16 per color.
3. Take your strips of tulle, find the middle of tulle, fold in half and tape to bottom of shirt.
4. Tie pieces into knots once taped on shirt. Go around entire shirt until you create a tulle skirt.

Assembling Headband

1. Cover with tape and add tulle scraps to create your headband. Use as many tulle pieces or as little tulle pieces to create a full or not so full look.

Assembling Armband

1. Fit plastic sheet to your arm.
2. Cover plastic sheet entirely with duct tape.