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Santa Deco Mesh Wreath


- 1- 16in metal wreath ring
- 1- White roll of deco mesh 10x21
- 1- Red roll of deco mesh 10x21
- 1 pkg Red chenille stems
- Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
- 1 Deco Mesh Santa Kit
- Kit Includes;
- Two blue bells for eyes
- Pink pompom for nose
- 1 3/4 white deco mesh ribbon
- One chenille stem


1. Take white deco mesh and measure out 5 yards and cut. Cut nine white chenille stems in half. Begin attaching to ring in center with half of the white chenille stem, each puffs should be 12 inches long and do this three times in five sections of ring. (Each ring has eight sections we are only using five sections for white mesh.)
2. Take red deco mesh and measure out 5 yards and cut then take and measure out 2 yards and cut. (You should now have one 2 yard piece and one 3 yard piece of red deco mesh. Now take the 3 yard piece and attach to the last 3 sections on the ring like done with the white mesh. Once done attaching hide your ends so only puffs show.
3. Take the 2 yard piece of red mesh and make bow with 2 loops on each side and tie with one whole chenille stem to secure and puff out bow and attach to right section to make it look like Santas hat.
4. Take the white deco mesh ribbon and make small bow with 3 small loops on each side and secure with white chennile stem from kit. Now puff out and hot glue to the 2 yard bow you made to look like Santas white puff on his hat.
5. Glue on pink pompom in middle of white beard to look like his nose.
6. Take the bells and tie to the ring to hang from under the red mesh to look like his eyes.