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Sunshine Girl Costume

Sunshine Collar


- ¼ yard of orange fabric for larger petal (or desired color of your choice)
- (3) Yellow felt squares for smaller petals
- Ribbon
- Fabric glue or sewing machine to assemble petals
- Pattern mangelsens-flower-petal-pattern


1. Start by measuring child’s neck to determine how much ribbon you will use. This will also determine how many petals you will need to assemble.
2. Make sure to leave enough ribbon to tie once your project is complete.
3. Put small tuck in middle of petal and tack. Layer small petal on top of large one and place evenly on ribbon.
4. To attach flowers to ribbon, you can either stitch down or use fabric glue.
5. Continue all around ribbon until you have reached your desired length.

Sunshine Headband  


- (2) 9x12 yellow felt
- Plastic ½" headband
- Fabritac
- Scissors


1. Cut a 1 ¾" by 15" strip of felt.
2. Roll the felt and glue the seam together.
3. Cut out 10 felt triangles 5"x5"x2 ½".
4. Glue two triangles back to back (will make them stiffer) but leave the bottom of triangle unglued for the meantime.
5. After you have 5 felt triangles, you will take the triangle and glue it to the headband with the little bit of space that you didn’t glue together.
6. Proceed to do this with the rest of the felt triangles.
7. Now slide your headband into the pocket of your strip.