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Support Ribbon Earrings


- 1 pkg - Nylon Cord
- 2 - 10mm Jump Rings
- 2 – Earring Findings (personal choice: posts, lever backs, fish hooks, kidney wires)


- Scissors
- Tape Measure/Ruler
- Candle Lighter (do not use matches) or craft glue
- Tweezers or chopstick

Crown Sinnet Technique:

1. Cut 2 cords that are 26" long.

2. Find the center of each cord and lay them on a table so they form an equal armed cross.

3. Placing your index finger on the cross, fold the top vertical cord down over your finger and the bottom end up also over your finger.

4. Pull your index finger out being careful to leave the loops that have just formed. Pick up the right horizontal cord and pass it over the right vertical cord, and in the loop formed by the left vertical cord.

5. Pick up the left horizontal cord and pass it over the left vertical cord, and in the loop formed by the right vertical cord.

6. Alternately pull the vertical and horizontal cord ends until a tight square forms.

7. Repeat Steps 3-6 until you have 15 knots, placing your index finger over the last knot tied to form the loops.

8. Slide a 10mm jump ring on 2 cords and continue tying knots until you have an additional 10 knots.

9. Fold the ribbon at the ring. Use your chopstick or tweezers to open the #6 and #7 loops.

10. Bring the top cord end through the opened #7 loop. Bring the bottom cord end through the opened #6 loop. Pull to tighten both cords.

11. Flip the ribbon over and repeat Steps 9-10 to thread the remaining two cord ends through the #6 and #7 loops on this side.

12. Turn the ribbon to the side that has the cords coming out of it. The cords will fall into aposition similar to the one you started with. The top section cord is the one that comes out of the top #7 loop and the right cord comes out of the #6 loop. The bottom section cord is the one that comes out of the top #6 loop and the left cord comes out of the #7 loop. Tie an additional 5knots to finish the bottom of the ribbon.

13. Cut off any extra length of cord one at a time, using the lighter to burn the end of the cord so that it forms its own seal. Be careful not to get the cord too close to the flame as it will blacken your cord.

ALTERNATIVE: You can cut the cords and use craft glue to seal the ends.

14. Open the 10mm jump ring at the top of the ribbon and add your earring finding.